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People from across the US, share their stories about meaningful work in their local community that is more sustainable and helps the environment and people. Through people’s experiences, we can learn new creative ways to contribute, which make use of our varied strengths, talents, and interests. People share their green jobs, businesses, volunteering, and careers from all over the nation. As a by-product of people sharing, helpful seeds of action are inspired to grow similar projects in other green communities.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Emy Damian – Safer Cosmetics Micro-Business – Beautycounter

    Emy Damian with a medical background found herself searching for safer cosmetics for her daughter.  Becoming informed opened her eyes to the hundreds of potentially toxic chemicals in over-the-counter beauty products.  Beautycounter provided her a unique opportunity to start her own micro business that provides safer cosmetic products.  For Emy ...


  2. Lorie English – ReCreated - Upcycled Handbags

    Lorie English loves upcycling taking vintage feed sacks, and clothing and transforming them into great handbags, wallets, and pouches. It is a unique creative design challenge to work with these fabrics to produce unique bags in many popular styles.  All of the fabric, including the linings are made from ...


  3. David English & Mark Schomaker – Black Owl Guitars – Instruments from Upcycling

    Interview with David English, the founder of Black Owl Guitars in New Bern, N. Carolina, and wiring technician, Mark Schomaker.  Black Owl Guitars make full functioning strings instruments, amplifiers, and electric kazoos. Both of these musicians are talented creators that solve creative challenges to make instruments with great sound ...


  4. Katherine Prior – “Sweet Sustainability” Eco-Blog & Social Media

    Katherine Prior is a full-time university student, at The University of Western Ontario and an eco-blogger and social media influencer with “SweetSustainability.ca”. She grew up caring and being inspired by nature but began to notice the unsustainable aspects of her life.  She has since grown passionate about saving the planet, ...


  5. Lynn Mehl – Good Old Days Eco-Florist, New Windsor, NY

    Lynn Mehl as an environmentalist has taken her passion to save the planet and has used it to take over and convert a conventional florist business into one of the first full-service eco-florist models of sustainability in the country.  Lynn while running her business also promotes, writes, and educates that this ...